Amino Acids & Proteins Puzzle

Amino Acids & Proteins Puzzle

Hey guys! Try out the puzzle if you have fun! Its fun and easy! 🙂


Is it the end? :(

So guys! It end of the semester is close by, finals are approaching and still so many tihings to be done!

Biochemistry was not as challenging as I thought it would have been. It was understandable and classes were comfortable and in an easy learning atmosphere and environment. Doing this blog really helped refresh my memory however it also reminded me of a lesson that I often forget which I may  not mention at this time! Although this was my first blog I can assure you that it would not be the last. Looking forward to blogging on other topics and even within as well but until then…take care 🙂

….Varisha Deosaran


3 Simple and Easy MCQS on Amino Acids and Proteins!

1. Which is the smallest possible amino acid?Image

A. Alanine

B. Cysteine

C. Glycine

D. Lysine

E. Serine


2. Two cysteines undergo what type of reaction in order to form one cystine?

A. Reduction

B. Condensation

C. Hydrolysis

D. Oxidation

E. Heat


3. Which of these amino acids belongs to the Non-polar alipatic R groups?

i) glycine, tyrosine, serine,

ii) alanine, proline, glycine

iii) valine, leucine, isoleusine

iv) glycine, alanine, glutamine

v) lysine, arginine, histidine

A. i), ii), & iii)

B. ii) only

C. ii) & v)

D. ii) & iii)

E. i) ii). iii). iv) & v)






Omega-3 Fatty Acids..Should it be included or not?

We’re always hearing about Omega-3! So do you think it is as important as it is perceived to be?

Would you consume Omega 3-fatty acids and include it in your diet?


 Read the following post and then answer that question!

Health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acid!

  •  Reduces cardiac and cardiovascular related diseases.
  •  Helps fight against hypertension and many chronic disease.
  •  Essential for proper and well -develop fetus during pregnancy.  
  • Helps to prevent certain cancers and the cases of those arising again. 
  • Reduces the risk of pneumonia.
  • Beneficial for those having depression, and bipolar related symptoms.
  • Has a positive therapeutic effect on kids with autism.
  • Associated well with brain activity and development.
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body; joints, vessels.
  • Lowers blood pressure.

With all these beneficial traits listed above how could your answer not be YESS!!!

Omega 3 is found in fishes such as tuna, salmon, trout and even in flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.

For further reading on Omega-3 you can visit this article where you are assured as to how important they are for a healthy lifestyle.


Polar bear & cubs emerge from Hibernation

In this video, it show that polar bears hibernate for long periods. Living in these cold environments, these animals are equipped with a large amount of lipids/fats to sustain them in their natural habitat. High amounts of triglycerides help them stay insulated beneath the ice and when they emerge they hunt again to restore the what was lost.